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Jasper Georgia Notice

JULY 12, 2023


Mayor Steve Lawrence announced today that he will not seek a second term as Mayor of Jasper due to recent health challenges. “I am starting the most important fight of my life as I begin treatment for cancer. While I have every intention of beating this disease, I must focus my full attention on this battle and on my family.”

Mayor Lawrence plans to finish his current term in office, which ends December 31, 2023, but acknowledged that there may be times when he is unable to attend Council meetings. Should those situations arise, the Mayor will rely on Jasper’s very experienced City Council, and especially Council Member Kirk Raffield, who serves as the Mayor Pro Tem, to take the lead, stating that he “has complete confidence in Mr. Raffield’s ability to lead this Council."

“I am proud of the progress the City has made during my time in office, but there is work still to be done,” said Mayor Lawrence. “It is important to keep the initiatives we’ve been working on moving forward for the betterment of our community. I have complete confidence that Mayor Pro Tem Kirk Raffield and the Council will continue to move the City of Jasper forward.” Lawrence added “Our community will benefit from Kirk’s experience on Council, his level-headedness, and his commitment to give back to the city that he grew up in.”

Finally, Mayor Lawrence stated: “It is an honor to serve as your Mayor. At the end of the day, all that we as elected leaders can hope for is that we have made a difference to better our community. My intention is to continue to meet that goal until my elected time of service has ended. Thank you all for your continued support and prayers.”