Jasper Public Notices & Bids

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Due to an unfortunate number of positive cases of COVID within the employee population, City Offices will not be accessible to the general public through Friday, September 3rd with further evaluation conducted for the following week.

Work orders will continue to be processed through calls; and payments will be accepted via telephone or through the drop box at City Hall. Calls for service and other operational matters will continue to be prioritized appropriately and continued city services and operations will be strived towards completion; however, there may be delays, etc.

If you would like to call and schedule an appointment if your matter can only be addressed via in-person, please call 706-692-9100 to request.

We thank you for your understanding and support.


The City of Jasper

The Jasper City Council does hereby announce that the millage rate will be set at a meeting to be held at Jasper City Hall Council Chambers located at 200 Burnt Mountain Road, Jasper, Georgia on September 13, 2021 at 6:00 p.m. and pursuant to the requirements of O.C.G.A. Section 48-5-32 do hereby publish the following presentation of the current year's tax digest and levy, along with the history of the tax digest and levy for the past five years. PDF VERSION picture_as_pdf

City of Jasper Five Year History and Levy




Notice is hereby given of a public hearing to be held on the 28th of September at 6:00 PM at Jasper City Hall before the Planning Commission Board of the City of Jasper, Georgia.

1.The purpose of the hearing is to discuss a request by land owners Marie Collins c/o Janet Mueller and Onzelle R. Fowler c/o Andrea Vann and Applicant Integrity Development Group to rezone Parcel 030C 001 consisting of 43.37 acres and Parcel 030B 061.001 consisting of 6.96 acres from R-1 and R-A Residential to a Planned Unit Development (PUD). These Parcels are located off of Highway 515.

2. The purpose of the hearing is to discuss a request by Loyd Development Services to annex into the City of Jasper and rezone Parcel 029B 061 consisting of 17.28 acres from County RR to R-2 Residential. This property is located on Gennett Drive.

3. The purpose of the hearing is to discuss a request by Beacon Realty of Georgia to have parcels JA12 056 004, JA12 056 008, JA12 056 012, JA12 056 015, JA2 056 017, JA12 056 007, JA12 056 019 located on West Sellers Street given a variance for the property that is currently zoned R-3.

4. The purpose of the hearing is to discuss a request by land owner Bob Wigington to annex and rezone into the City of Jasper Parcel JA10 052.001 consisting of 3.85 acres from County Highway Business to C-2 General Commercial. This Parcel is located at the intersection of Noah Drive and West Church Street in Jasper, GA.

A Public Hearing will also be held before Mayor and Council at the scheduled Work Session on Thursday, September 30th at 6:00 PM at Jasper City Hall

The Mayor and City Council will consider the recommendation of the Planning Commission at the regularly scheduled Council meeting on Monday, October 4th at 6:00 PM at Jasper City Hall.

Any questions please contact City of Jasper Planning and Development Office at Jasper City Hall 706-692-9100.



An election for the purpose of electing 2 Councilmembers will be held in the City of Jasper on Tuesday, November 2, 2021. Post 1, which will be elected at large for a term of four (4) years beginning on January 1, 2022 through December 31, 2025, with the incumbent being Dr. Folsom (Sonny) Proctor. Post 2, which will be elected at large for a term of four (4) years beginning on January 1, 2022 through December 31, 2025, with the incumbent being Anne Sneve.

Pursuant to O.C.G.A. §21-2-131 (a)(1), the following qualifying fees for candidates seeking office in 2021 were set by the Mayor and Council of the City of Jasper at the January 11, 2021 special called council meeting:

The qualifying fee for each council seat will be $35.00.

The qualifying period for the election shall open Monday, August 16, 2021 and will continue from day-to-day through Wednesday, August 18, 2021. The hours of qualifying each day shall be from 8:30 a.m. until 4:30 p.m. at the administrative office of the Pickens County Board of Elections located at 83 Pioneer Road, Jasper, Georgia 30143.


The City of Jasper is accepting sealed bids for Bid No. 2021-07 Sidewalk Repair and/or Replacement. PRINT VERSION picture_as_pdf
Construction activities include, but are not limited to; traffic control, demolition, concrete repair and/or replacement, along existing sidewalks in the City. Contractor will need to be aware of any requirements of working within the rights-of-way of State routes and have the requisite licensing for flagging, etc.

All prices will be inclusive of traffic control, labor, material, tools, equipment, disposal, hauling and mobilization cost. Work will be in various locations throughout the city as identified on the list as provided upon request. Areas of proposed work will be marked for review and reference, and it is expected that the bidder will provide an itemized bid to repair and/or replace the sections as marked and include any additional sections as may be required through qualified experience of repairing/replacing. All streets are to always remain assessable during times of construction operations and work is to be within the rights-of-way.

This is a non-exclusive agreement, and the Contractor is expected to work in conjunction with other City contractors and/or City work forces when required.

Submit sealed bids for construction of: Bid No. 2021-07 Sidewalk Repair and/or Replacement

City of Jasper
200 Burnt Mountain Road
Jasper, Georgia 30143

Bids will be accepted until 2:00 o’clock P.M. EST Thursday, September 9, 2021.
Bids will be publicly opened and read aloud at the above address at 2:15 P.M. EST, Thursday, September 9, 2021. “Proposals” received after 2:00 P.M. EST, Thursday, September 9, 2021, will not be accepted or considered.

Information for Bidders may be requested at:

Jasper Development Department
200 Burnt Mountain Road
Jasper, GA 30143

NOTE: The City of Jasper reserves the right to waive any or all informalities, accept or reject any or all bids, to re-advertise and award in the best interest of the City.